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sun.energy GmbH intalls rooftop photovoltaic systems (solar panels) and markets the green energy generated. The company builds its own photovoltaic power plants on sufficiently large roof areas and in return supplies the owner of the building with green and cheap electricity. sun.energy is a subsidiary of bos.ten group, which has been designing and building photovoltaic projects on a large scale since 2000.

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sun.energy GmbH is part of bos.ten Group, which delivers a broad range of renewable energy. Each subsidiary has its own area of responsibility and makes a valuable contribution to the group’s performance.

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sun.energy Deutschland GmbH
A subsidiary of bos.ten group.

Franz-von-Taxis-Ring 30-32 | D-93049 Regensburg

Phone +49 941 39 647 -900
E-Mail info@sun-energy.de